In addition to an education, students need other support, too: chairs and desks with plenty of adjustment margin. A properly adjusted seat will support the back and when the table is of the correct height, it is comfortable to read and write.

In additions to pupils' desks and chairs, our collection includes solutions for teachers' workstations, storage, cafeterias, lobbies, kindergartens and school auditoriums.

In addition to traditional school furniture, Nazalli offers modern products and solutions for creating versatile and enjoyable learning environments. Nazalli's high-quality pupil’s chairs are ergonomic and suitable for students of different ages and sizes. When design results in sensible proportions, durable structures, good ergonomics and easy maintenance, educational environments will be long-lasting and functional.

Nazalli works with educational institutions to create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring learning environments. We designed collections that were more in tune with both teacher and student needs. We craft products that inspire, engage, and connect the ways in which students learn.